You Are Invited… (to join 100+ neighbors, and counting!)

We all care about the North End – our historic character, our friendly quality of life, our tree canopy and gardens, our great schools, parks and businesses, safe streets, little free libraries, and neighbors helping neighbors.

The North End Alliance invites neighbors like you to be allies on the issues and opportunities that matter. If you want to help make the North End better, we want to help connect you with more neighbors, friends, and allies.

Sign up and stay tuned. As more neighbors join, we’ll let you know what’s happening, according to your level of North End interest and enthusiasm.

Interest Levels

❤️   LIKE IT! – Neighbors at this level are already looking out for neighbors. We wave to runners, dog walkers, and kids on the way to school. We borrow cups of sugar and lend power tools. We help clear leaves and snow. We water plants, take in mail, care for pets and keep an eye out when neighbors are gone. We buy whatever the kids are selling. We bake. And we vote. Check this box below if you live, own, or work in the North End and you Like It out loud. We’ll let you know when there’s something to vote on.

❤️❤️   LOVE IT! – Neighbors at this level help bring people together, up and down the block. We’re organizers and connectors. We create phone and email lists, and start Next Door and Facebook groups. We’re the ones with the petitions and the yard signs. We organize the Block Parties and Porch Concerts. We know who’s having surgery and who’s in what grade, and look for ways to connect people up and down the block. Some of us have already signed up as Neighborhood Watch Block Captains, but that’s a nice-to-have, not a must-have. Check this box if you Love Your Whole Block. We’ll connect you with other block organizers near you.

❤️❤️❤️   HOPELESSLY DEVOTED! – Neighbors at this level help grow the network that makes neighborhood voices and interests heard at the city and county levels. We connect with other neighborhoods. We go to a lot of city and county meetings. We know what’s going on and post the news on social media. We build and maintain the networks and relationships needed for 400 blocks to speak up – as and for the whole North End. Check this box if you’re devoted to the whole, with friends and partners across, around and beyond the North End. We want to work with you.

🍻🎈🎉🍷 PARTY ANIMAL – Neighbors at this level just wanna raise a glass. We blow off the meetings, sometimes forget to vote, and don’t always know everyone on the block… but we welcome them all to the Block Party. And we aspire to connect the parties. What happens when the North End 400 meets the National Night Out (annual, national block party)? This is what we want to find out. Check this box if you just want to have some fun connecting neighborhood parties and celebrating the North End.

North End “Fundraising Champs” in 2019.