Unanswered Questions for the new NENA Board

UPDATE 3/15:

Sitka Koloski, is the only one of the five board members to respond to any of the questions listed below. He’s lived in the neighborhood 18 years.  He had never volunteered for NENA and not attended any NENA meetings before the October election.  He has, however, volunteered at Idaho Food Bank Chef’s Affair, Idaho Food Bank Empty bowls, Downtown Teaching Farm shade shelters and other miscellaneous projects.  His name was not on the misleading flyers that were posted, he wasn’t aware of the false claims they made and is not part of the lawsuit against NENA and former board members.  He did not answer any of our other questions.

Tory Spengler, Sarah Foregger, Daniel Foregger, and Carlos Coto (the candidates for transparency!) have, so far, refused to answer ALL of them. 

Please have a look at these unanswered questions and decide for yourself whether the issues they raise do actually matter.

During 2020, NENA’s Recruitment Committee was not active and candidates in October’s election were not formally vetted before they became candidates. So there are questions about prior experience and preparation for board service. Then there are questions about their role(s) in some surprising things that happened during the election itself. Finally, there are already a number of important questions about some of their first actions as board members. What follows is a partial list, sorted into four main sections:

  • Involvement and Experience
  • The October Election Process
  • Current Work on the Board (in general)
  • Allocating NENA Funds (already done)

These questions remain unanswered, in part, because five of the six new board members did not show up for the January special meeting, which was called to address the first petition, signed by 200+ members. They are being sent to the board for individual responses. Their answers, and non-answers, will be posted here, as they are received.

About Involvement and Experience

  • How long have you lived in the neighborhood?
  • What NENA activities have you volunteered for (or otherwise supported), and to what extent?
  • How many NENA meetings have you attended before joining the Board?
  • Have you read the Articles of Incorporation and the Bylaws? If so, when?
  • Do you or a member of your family have any business pending before the city?
  • Have you, or any member of your household, been charged with any crimes? (Board members manage significant financial resources.)
  • Have you or any member of your household made threats, legal or otherwise, against NENA or NENA volunteers?
  • How else have you volunteered, and to what extent?

About the Election Process

  • How do you think your name appeared on the flyers distributed before the October 27 election?
  • Do you agree with the claims made about self-interest by then members of the Board?
  • Do you agree with the claim that NENA was being investigated by the City?
  • What is your relationship with Atlas Strategic Communications?
  • Daniel – what evidence did you have to make the claim in a letter to neighbors that the previous president of NENA had forged a letter from another Board member to the First United Methodist Church concerning Block 75?
  • Tory – when did you decide to resign?
  • Tory – why did you not tell the Board of your decision, as requested, before the election?
  • Tory – who DID you tell, prior to election night about your intention? Could they have made those flyers?
  • Tory – why (after resigning “effective immediately,” changing ballots, and before being certified as a winning candidate) did you forward a confidential preliminary election audit report with non-board members?
  • Others – with whom might you have shared that confidential board communication?

About Your Work on the Board

  • How many members are on the most recently updated member list?
  • Since becoming a board member, have you used your board position to advance any of your own personal interests, or those of your family members?
  • Have you participated in any board meetings that were not publicly noticed or open to the public since you became a board member?
  • If so, what topics were discussed or decisions made, and how were these documented?

About Allocating NENA Funds

  • Why have you engaged a third lawyer (from out of town?) to speak on your behalf?
  • Who proposed that?
  • When was this decided?
  • Was this a meeting or done by email? 
  • Any minutes taken?
  • How many votes for and against?
  • What were the reasons put forward to justify the decision?
  • Have any funds been allocated for this purpose?
  • What about hiring a new (second) mediator? (same questions as above)
  • And why is this mediation going to be different and better than the pro bono mediator whose work was scuttled previously?