About Eligibility, Membership, Registration and Voting

Go to our home page to vote TODAY. See below for answers to some key questions.

For more about these and other questions, see Idaho Law and NENA Corporate Documents.

Who is “eligible” to be a member?  

Anyone who lives, works, or owns a property/business within the boundaries of the North End, roughly State Street to Hill Road and 28th to 4th Streets.

Am I automatically a member if I live, work or own in the North End?

No.  Idaho state law requires that you must consent to be a member of a non-profit organization.  To be a NENA member, you must present identification to prove your eligibility and request to be added to the member list.  

Can I show my ID and request to register as a member at the special meeting?

Yes.  You’ll need to show up in person (or on live video) and show your ID and/or something to show your eligibility for membership. You can cover your ID number, your weight and even your height, but we want to see your live smiling face and the name/address/photo on your ID.

How will voting work at the March 18th meeting?

The “meeting” is only for the purpose of voting, so you’ll only need to attend long enough to cast your own vote. You can see the legal notice that was distributed to 5200 North End residences and businesses and posted in the Idaho Statesman, in accordance with Idaho law and NENA’s bylaws.

The Zoom link you’ll need to vote online will be posted on our home page after 3pm today. Or vote in person (masked and distanced) at Sun Ray Cafe in Hyde Park. Voting will be open online and in-person from 4pm to 8pm TODAY!