Some NENA Directors Continue to Work Against Members

Vote TODAY from 4pm to 8pm, click here to get the details on our home page

The North End is at a critical decision point. Over 100 NENA volunteers and members have organized a legal vote on March 18th because the current NENA board has denied/defied Idaho Law in refusing to call it themselves.

This vote, called in adherence with the Idaho Code and NENA’s Bylaws, is a chance for neighbors’ voices to be heard. This vote is for the entire North End. All neighbors are welcome – invited by hand-delivered notices to 5200 residences and businesses, emails where available, event invites on Facebook and NextDoor, and notice in the Idaho Statesman with 10+ days’ notice. The NENA members calling this meeting encourage EVERY NORTH ENDER to educate themselves and vote.

We, NENA members who have called this neighbor vote, have united with our neighbors to ensure that NENA represents the interests of the entire neighborhood and not just those of a select few who live in two small pockets of the North End.

In addition to working to call this vote, we have also been actively participating and engaging with the current NENA Board – volunteering and chairing the Historic Preservation Committee, the Recruitment Committee, and the Bylaws Committee.

We seek to unite the neighborhood – in the face of actual and threatened lawsuits – AND also to do the work to make this neighborhood better. Most importantly, we want the NENA Board filled with qualified and engaged individuals who care about this neighborhood – and not just their own interests and bottomline. NENA Punts at HPC

Join us in voting “Yes” on removal because:

  • Current NENA board members Tory Spengler, Sarah Foregger, Daniel Foregger, and Carlos Coto are still suing NENA and former board members. They refuse to drop their lawsuit even though the annual election results were certified on January 10, 2021, more than two months ago.
  • As board members, these directors have prioritized spending on lawyers to fight neighbors’ requests over spending on grants for schools.
  • They refused to recuse themselves from a vote to hire a lawyer to refute the validity of the member petition calling for the special meeting of members – even though they had a clear conflict of interest.
  • Under their control, this board has refused to even try to verify the names and addresses of NENA Members who signed the petition calling for the special meeting of members and member vote. Instead, they hired (another) lawyer. 
  • Board meetings now happen weekly, on Zoom, but members are not allowed to speak (or only select members are). This is not the “transparency” and “engagement” they promised.

Meanwhile, this board continues to work against NENA members who have a legal right to call a meeting that this board has refused to call – even after more than the required number of members requested it in writing. The use of NENA’s logo for legal member action is the LEAST of NENA’s problems!

These lawyer-powered board members must be voted out – so that a genuinely collaborative new board can get on with NENA’s important work – serving all North End neighbors!

Eligibility, Membership and Voting