Little Free Libraries

Need a book? It’s easy to find a North End lending library

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Little free libraries have been sprouting up all around the North End over the past few years.

Now, more than ever, they have become a symbol of community and connection. The libraries are built and maintained by private residents, and many offer more than books. You’ll find a variety of other free goodies such as toys, dog treats, canned food, fresh eggs, live plants, puzzles, and games.  

Have you visited a library near you yet? Our family of five has a library on 8th Street and visits neighbors’ libraries regularly. We came up with our top five reasons we love them so much and why we think they are important for our community:

  1. We can connect with others in the neighborhood through the sharing of resources.
  2. Visiting the libraries gets us out in the fresh air and moving our bodies. 
  3. We find the best treasures and admire the creative library builds (house replicas, fairy houses, fence hideaways). 
  4. We meet other neighbors; the libraries can be a great conversation starter.
  5. For the love of reading and learning. 

The next time you are out for a walk, consider stopping at a little free library. If you see something you like, take it home. Return it, or bring something else to share on your next visit. 

Little Free Library official site

For information about starting your own library, as well as free blueprints & plans, visit 

Thanks to Amy Holmes (author) and Nancy Dewitt (photos) for sharing this work!