Civic Process Champions

Balancing progress and preservation is a politically challenging, administratively complex, and often deeply personal process – worked out one parcel, one permit, one plan, one meeting at a time. Change doesn’t just happen. It comes from somewhere, slowly at first, but then all at once. Join the conversation. Help shape the future.

In the North End, we’re lucky to have a great group of civic process champions, dedicated neighbors who’ve been engaging with Planning and Zoning, Historic Preservation, City Council, ACHD and other policy-making groups for many years. In some cases, for decades.

This work is open to everyone. Check the links below to learn more and/or email to get connected to people who know what’s happening, understand the history, process and implications of this work, and know where your involvement can make a difference.

ALL PROPERTY OWNERS will want to be familiar with the information provided in the City’s Historic Preservation Library, a collection of very short video overviews of demolition, roofing, tree removal, windows, additions and other historic district guidelines and permitting requirements.

Currently Active

  • The North End Neighborhood Plan – public review and comment before City Council adoption
  • Rezoning for BVA tower project, technically just outside of the North End, but with huge potential impact
  • Redevelopment of the 76 station at 16th and State Streets
  • Enforcement and consequences in cases of illegal demolitions of contributing structures
  • Booth Home site redevelopment, demolition now completed
  • Block 75, a decades-old land use challenge, currently a teaching farm, and someday… what?
  • Harrison Boulevard traffic calming designs by ACHD

Local Government

Community Development Organizations

Preservation Resources

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