The North End Alliance is a fancy name for the already existing, (almost) always informal, creative and self-organizing North End: good people, doing what they can, sharing their gifts, growing the good.


  • Invites your care and attention on important North End issues
  • Supports connections with allies across and beyond the neighborhood
  • Informs what you can do – for and from – your own block

Stay tuned. Sign up. Join the good work going on around neighborhood – from finding lost dogs to balancing preservation and progress.

Let’s grow more of what’s great about the North End!

Purpose and Self-Organization

This website’s primary/practical purpose is to enroll and connect neighbors on all 400 blocks of the North End. Alongside that “North End 400” project, this site will work to provide a platform(s) for neighbors to connect and self-organize, to address any issue or opportunity, related to sustaining and improving our quality of life in the North End.

NorthEndAlliance.org doesn’t have a board, a bank account or bylaws. What you see here, is what you get: a platform for inviting and connecting personal passions and informal group initiatives, across the North End, to make the place a little better. Through 140+ years of growth, the best of the North End has emerged when thoughtful neighbors have stepped up, worked together, and turned many small contributions into one great neighborhood. NorthEndAlliance.org invites and supports more of that very old magic.

We’d like to be able to find you as new issues, needs and initiatives emerge. Your attention and participation will make a difference. Please sign up if you want to know when something important is happening in the North End. In the meantime, the allies and assets featured in the GET INVOLVED menu (above) are good people and resources to know.

Boundaries and Membership

For convenience, we’ll define the North End like the city does. That’s roughly State to Hill, 4th to 28th, but we welcome connections across those lines. We share needs and interests with friends on all sides.

Membership is self-determined, open to anyone who cares about the character of the North End and the quality of neighbor relationships, porch-to-porch, block-to-block, all the way up to city and county government. Sign up and stay connected!

The North End by the Numbers