NENA Member Vote Goes to Court

Here is the Press Release from North End Neighborhood Association (NENA) members who have just filed a petition seeking a Court Order that would lead to a new election for the NENA Board of Directors. 

There has been a nearly year long controversy embroiling the neighborhood in the wake of a contested October 2020 Board election. Following procedures in NENA Bylaws and the Idaho Non-profit law, NENA members took steps necessary to hold a special membership meeting to vote on Removal of five Board Directors.

Nearly 800 neighborhood residents participated, and all five Board members were Removed by a democratic vote.  Four of the five were Removed by a 90% vote. They have refused to vacate their Board seats.

The petition asks the court to declare that the membership vote was valid, order the Recalled (or “Holdover”) Board Directors to vacate their board seats, and that a new Board election be held so NENA can have a functioning Board.