250+ Petitions Delivered – How You Can Help Now

PETITION DELIVERED: On Wednesday, May 19, copies of the petition to hold a 15-seat NENA Board Election with over 250 verified neighbor signatures were delivered to NENA’s attorney, Brit Kreimeyer, at her office, and to removed Vice President/Acting President Sarah Foregger. 

Ms. Kreimeyer refused to accept the petition signed by over 250 NENA members. Her copy was left at her office despite her refusal. Sarah Foregger did not answer her door, so the petition was left on her doorstep and was not picked up for days. 

An electronic copy of the signatures was also delivered via email to all removed directors and to Ms. Kreimeyer, so there is no question about delivery and receipt. 

WHAT’S NEXT: It appears that the R5 will continue their previous method of “dealing” with the 700 North Enders who voted for their removal by ignoring us and hoping we go away. Although we have made efforts to reach out and engage with the R5 to hold a special election for the 15 open board seats, including having pro bono legal counsel reach out to Ms. Kreimeyer on behalf of the membership, all avenues so far have been dead ends. 

We hope that the R5 will honor the petition to hold a special election. Unfortunately, if they refuse, this means that the next step may be to ask a court to order the election. While this is an admittedly slow process, your support is more important than ever. 

We will continue to provide updates as information is available to share, and questions are always welcome!

HOW YOU CAN HELP: The agenda for the May monthly meeting is now posted on the NENA website. It was posted after the petition requesting a special election signed by over 250 neighbors was hand-delivered to Sarah Foregger and electronically to all the removed directors. Yet, consistent with the R5’s pattern of ignoring neighbors’ voices and concerns, the agenda fails to include any item to discuss – or even acknowledge – the petition. Don’t let your voices go unheard yet again.

Significantly, the agenda also reflects Sarah Foregger presenting the Treasurer’s Report, so she is essentially acting as President, Vice President, and Treasurer of NENA, and her brother, Daniel Foregger, holds the only remaining office of Secretary. 

Please email board@northendboise.org (and cc nena.members@gmail.com) and demand that the R5 acknowledge they received the petition and that the petition be added as an agenda item, or email them with any specific concerns you may have regarding NENA.  

Thank you for your continued support!