Member Vote Results – Vast Majority of Large Turnout Supports Recall of Five NENA Board Members

Press release, 3/22. Click to view/download.

This post reports everything you need to know about the voting results from the NENA Member Vote last Thursday (3/18). See previous posts (scroll down) and the main Member Vote page for more about why the vote was needed and how the vote was conducted, secured, counted and fully documented in objective, tamper-proof tools like Google forms and Zoom recording.

A complete review of the online verification process was conducted Friday night (3/19), confirming that every vote was cast by a unique, verified NENA member. Then the entire process of unsealing and counting paper ballots was fully documented on live Zoom video, with dozens of neighbors signing on to watch the process. See below for online validation counts. Click here to watch almost 3 hours of counting and filming each individual paper ballot.

Now What?

On Monday morning (3/22), the results of the vote were delivered to NENA’s newly-hired attorney, whose work serves all NENA members, asking her to advise the board of the vote’s implications. Click here to read that letter.

NENA’s bylaws (Article V, ¶ 4) require, “Actions taken by the Board should represent the majority sentiments of the general membership of NENA.” NENA’s two remaining directors now have a responsibility to members to remove the recalled directors from NENA board business and recover any NENA property and accounts access they might have. The removed directors can no longer claim the trust or support of a majority of members and must now step aside.

Who Voted in Thursday’s Member Vote vs. the October Election?

How many voted to recall five NENA board members?

More about Attendance, Verified Members, and Valid Ballot Counts

See the posts below for more about the legal validity of this process and other aspects of how it was organized and conducted…